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Bookshop Books in Companion Spanish Adaptations
Spanish adaptations of books from Mondo’s Bookshop K-5 libraries provide Spanish-speaking students with authentic reading experiences. A wide range of texts are available in a variety of reading stages, text types, book sizes, and formats, allowing teachers to provide instruction at a student’s exact point of need. Classroom libraries include six copies of each title, individual guided reading lesson plans in Spanish and English, and book bins for convenient storage. See also Bookshop Spanish K-5 Classroom Library.

Grade K (Early Emergent-Transitional Stages): 70 titles (420 books)
Grade 1 (Early Emergent-Established Stages): 73 titles (438 books)
Grade 2 (Beginning-Established Stages): 69 titles (414 books)
Grade 3 (Transitional-Established Stages): 50 titles (300 books)
Grade 4 (Early Established-Established Stages): 20 titles (120 books)
Grade 5 (Early Established-Established Stages): 20 titles (120 books)
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  • Lesson plans in Spanish and English model focused teaching with clear comprehension focuses and teacher language.
  • Books in a range of text types and formats grab the interest of readers.
  • Fiction text types include fable, fairy tale, fantasy, folktale, graphic novel, historical fiction, legend, myth, mystery, narrative, play, poetry, question and answer, realistic fiction, and science fiction.
  • Nonfiction text types include biography, explanation, informational poem, persuasive, procedure, reference, report, and transactional.
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Espíritu de esperanza (Spirit of Hope)
The Fairweather family loves their little house. They are devastated when they are told they have to move. How will they cope with this news? Level M. Learn more >
26 Fairmount Avenue (26 Fairmount Avenue)
Well-known and much-loved author and illustrator Tomie DePaola shares memories of his childhood as his family waits to move into a new house. Level P. Learn more >
Algún día, Cyril (Someday Cyril)
Eight-year-old Cyril lives on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. He wants to go out on a boat more than anything. His parents say, “Someday”-but does someday mean never? Level N. Learn more >
Aves de presa (Birds of Prey)
This book invites students to explore the habits, habitats, and life cycles of birds of prey, including hawks, vultures, eagles, and owls. Level O. Learn more >
Cantos a mí mismo (Songs of Myself)
This collection of poems encourages readers to consider the question “Who am I?” Each poem is accompanied by art from a well-known artist. Level N. Learn more >
Cerrojos y adugas (Deadbolts and Dinkles)
Zach can’t wait for the Deadbolts Club’s sleepover party. Then he gets stranded at his grandfather’s new apartment-and his adventure begins. Level R. Learn more >
Ciclos de vida disparatados de las plantas (Wacky Plant Cycles)
Scientific explanations, drawings, photographs, and sequential diagrams help students investigate the most common and unusual plant cycles. Level M. Learn more >
Cocodrilidos (Crocodilians)
This nonfiction text introduces students to the animals of the crocodilian family-crocodiles, alligators, and gharials. (Established) Learn more >
Cómo hacer figuras desplegables (Making Pop-Ups)
Illustrated instructions are presented in numbered steps for eight pop-up projects in three stages of difficulty. Students may use the finished pop-ups for posters, pictures books, greeting cards, or invitations. Level L. Learn more >
Cuentos tradicionales de Asia (Folktales of Asia)
The seven Asian folktales in this collection are rich in meaning and imagery. Some stories provide a moral or message, while others explain how some things came to be. Level O. Learn more >
¡De acuerdo, Guiñito Azul¡ (Right On, Winky Blue)
More than anything, Rosie wants her pet parakeet, Winky Blue, to become a star. Winky’s chance arrives when he’s chosen to be a guest on a radio show. Level O. Learn more >
¿Debería haber zoológicos? (Should There Be Zoos?)
In this persuasive text, a group of children present their arguments both in favor of and against keeping animals in zoos. Readers are encouraged to develop their own opinions. Level N. Learn more >
Demasiados problemas para el abuelo (Too Much Trouble for Grandpa)
Grandpa is trying to find the perfect companion, but each one is too much trouble. That’s just fine with Finley! (Transitional) Learn more >
Deportes profesionales: ¿cómo comenzaron? (Pro Sports: How Did they Begin?)
This book contains fun and wacky facts about baseball, basketball, and football. It also explains how these sports have changed over the years to become what they are today. Level P. Learn more >
El abuelo va a la playa (Grandpa at the Beach)
Grandpa, Finley, Mom and Dad go on vacation to the beach. This short chapter book contains three episodes about Grandpa’s muddling beach adventure. Level K. Learn more >
El pajaro desayunador y otros cuentos de animales (The Breakfast Bird and Other Animal Stories)
This book contains a collection of animal stories by different authors. Students can read and compare their various styles and structures. Level O. Learn more >
El caparazón de Tortu (Tuttle's Shell)
Vibrant, colorful illustrations support this story about animal characters tracking the thief who stole Tuttle the turtle’s shell. Level L. Learn more >
El clima de hoy es…Un libro de experimentos (Today's Weather Is... A Book of Experiments)
Inquiring questions introduce weather experiments. Students can follow the instructions to discover the answers or outcomes to these scientific investigations. Level M. Learn more >
El día de mariposas para el tejon Edgar (Edgar Badger's Butterfly Day)
The end of summer finds Edgar Badger feeling sad. His friends try to cheer him up. Students will be able to relate to this story about friendship. (Early Established) Learn more >
El día de pesca para el tejon Edgar (Edgar Badger's Fishing Day)
One day while fishing, Edgar Badger and Duncan Bear have a disagreement and it seems as if their friendship may be over. This short chapter book is one of four in the Edgar Badger series. Level L. Learn more >
El diario de Ivy (Ivy's Journal)
This story is a personal account of a girl’s vacation with her parents to the Yucatán. Each journal entry is filled with humor and insight as Ivy explores Mexican culture and history. Level N. Learn more >
El misterio de la cajita de música de los mellizos Twiddle (Twiddle Twins' Music Box Mystery)
Someone has broken into the Twiddles’ home and stolen their music box! Who could the thief be? Timothy and Tabitha are on the case to retrieve the missing music box. (Early Established) Learn more >
El misterio de la huella de los mellizos Twiddle (Twiddle Twins' Single Footprint Mystery)
How did a single footprint get in the middle of Mr. Snipe’s cement? The Twiddle Twins, Timothy and Tabitha, are on the case! (Early Established) Learn more >
El salmón (Salmon)
This nonfiction book provides detailed information about the salmon. Photographs, charts, maps, and diagrams help explain what makes salmon special. Level P. Learn more >
En el sitio (On Site)
Detailed descriptions, diagrams, cross-sections, maps, and flow charts explain how a building is constructed from start to the finish. (Early Established) Learn more >
Exploramos los hábitats de agua dulce (Exploring Freshwater Habitats)
This book encourages students to explore such freshwater habitats as rivers, lake, and marshes. Each habitat is presented in the same format. Level P. Learn more >
Exploramos los hábitats terrestres (Exploring Land Habitats)
This book invites students to explore such land habitats as forests, deserts, and tundras. Each habitat is presented the same format. Level Q. Learn more >
Incendios forestales (Forest Fires)
Fascinated facts, rich details, and stirring eyewitness accounts chronicle three historic and devastating fires in the United States and Canada. The specific accounts provide the basis for learning about forest fires in general. Level R. Learn more >
La pequeña urraca parda (Little Brown Jay)
Princess Maya is very beautiful, but she has a sharp, ugly voice. Can the little brown jay help her change her voice so she can marry Prince Rama? This tale from India relates how helping others can bring unexpected rewards. Level K. Learn more >
La rana que quería ser rey (The Frog Who Would Be King)
Adapted from a well-known German fairy tale, this story tells about a frog who dreams of becoming a prince, with the help of a loving princess. But what happens when his princess becomes a frog? Level L. Learn more >
Las princesas no usan jeans (Princesses Don't Wear Jeans)
Many kids in Jeff’s class think the new girl, Tilly Perkins, is strange. Jeff thinks Tilly is a lot of fun. Will the other kids come to Jeff’s party if Tilly is invited? Level Q. Learn more >
Los deseos no se hacen realidad (Wishes Don't Come True)
When Jeff finds a four-leaf clover, he makes a wish for a kitten. His parents don’t want him to have a cat, but his friend Tilly says that four-leaf clovers never fail. (Established) Learn more >
Los dragones no leen libros (Dragons Don't Read Books)
Who is stealing the school’s library books? Could it be the new class mascot-a stuffed worm? Or is the worm really a dragon? Tilly believes so. Level Q. Learn more >
Los insectos (Insects)
This book explains how insects have managed to survive and thrive throughout the world. Students view close-up photographs and detailed diagrams of insects as they read about common features, life histories, and how they behave and survive. Level S. Learn more >
Los mejores amigos no se pelean (Best Friends Don't Fight)
Tilly Perkins has a plan for raising money for new playground equipment. But getting the other kids to help with her stinky solution may be a problem. (Established) Learn more >
Los niños mandan (Kids Rule!)
Ordinary kids achieve their dreams by doing extraordinary things. (Early Established) Learn more >
Los osos grizzly (Grizzly Bears)
Shows the life cycle of this endangered animal and the importance of habitat conservation to the survival of this species. Level L. Learn more >
Lucy se toma unas vacaciones (Lucy Takes a Holiday)
Sometimes being a family dog is just too stressful. So early one morning, Lucy heads for the bus stop. However, after spending time away from home, she realizes she misses her family. Level K. Learn more >
Mae Jemison (Mae Jemison)
Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman to be selected by NASA as an astronaut. This biography lets you travel with Mae into space aboard the space shuttle. Level Q. Learn more >
Manual de monstruos hogarenos (A Manual of House Monsters)
Do you ever wonder why you stumble? Or sneeze? Or talk on the phone too much? Perhaps it’s because of the mysterious “monsters” that live in your home! Level O. Learn more >
¿Qué animales viven aquí? (What Animal Lives Here?)
Students are invited to explore six habitats and the animals that live there. Level J. Learn more >
¿Qué hace que un ave sea un ave? (What Makes a Bird a Bird?)
The one thing that makes a bird a bird? This book asks many questions, leading readers on a search for the answer. By process of elimination, students learn facts about bird life. Level N. Learn more >
¿Qué sucede? (What's Happening?)
This book explains how ten everyday machines, processes, and objects work, including how glass is made, how water arrives in our homes, and how a car engine works. (Established) Learn more >
¡Recibe los aplausos, Guiñito Azul! (Take a Bow, Winky Blue!)
Rosie dreams that her parakeet, Winky Blue, will be a star. When Winky Blue wins a ribbon in a pet-talent contest, Rosie thinks her dreams have come true-until he disappears. Level O. Learn more >
Regalos de la Tierra (Touch the Earth)
In this lyrical text, students explore the simple ways that the earth can touch us and that we can touch the earth, introducing students to the glory of nature. (Transitional) Learn more >
Rintimplín rintimplón plon plon plon (Nicketty-Nacketty Noo-Noo-Noo)
This rhyming text introduces students to an ogre who captures a wee woman who makes a tasty stew. How will the wee woman escape the ogre’s clutches? (Transitional) Learn more >
Salón de la fama del deporte (Sports Hall of Fame)
This informative text profiles several well-known athletes have become tops in their field. The “Hall of Fame” includes Ken Griffey Jr., Peyton Manning, Venus and Serena Williams, Grant Hill, and Michelle Kwan. (Early Established) Learn more >
Se necesita monstruo en alquiler (Monster for Hire)
A blundering but conscientious monster keeps getting hired, then fired. Will this monster ever find a place where he belongs? (Early Established) Learn more >
Viaje a un nuevo mondo: Una historía oral (Journey to a New Land: An Oral History)
This is the true story of Elda Del Bino Willitts, a woman who arrived in America as a young girl from Italy in 1916. Level M. Learn more >
A toda velocidad por la nieve (Dashing Through the Snow: The Story of the Jr. Iditarod )
An imaginary product is created and an ad campaign developed to explain the creative process. Level S. Learn more >
Canciones y Sonidos de ballenas (Whale Songs and Sounds)
Uncover the secrets of humpback whales by the sounds they make and the possible functions of these sounds. The book also covers the humpback’s migration patterns, feeding habits, and breeding behavior. Level L. Learn more >
Cuando Paul Bunyan vino a la escuela primaria de Middleburg (When Paul Bunyan Came To Middleburg Ele
Kevin and Skipper have a BIG secret. Paul Bunyan is camping out behind their school, recovering from a sprained ankle. Can the kids help Paul continue his travels before others find out? Level M. Learn more >
El imponente hipopótamo (The Mighty Hippopotamus)
A complete resource about hippos and their habits. Level T. Learn more >
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