Guided Reading Kit 3 Levels A-J

Levels A-J with Common Core Lesson Plans
The kit includes 96 Books-6 copies each of 16 titles (8 Informational titles and 8 Literature titles) at Levels A-J. Level A: Monster Party (LIT); Play Ball (LIT); Trucks (INF); What Comes From Eggs? (INF). Level B: There's a Mouse in the House (LIT); Who Lives in the Sea? (INF). Level C: Itch! Itch! (LIT); Make a Valentine (INF). Level D: Compass Rose (INF); How Many Pets? (LIT). Level E: Earn It! Spend It! (INF); Oh No! (LIT). Level F: Tarantulas Are Spiders (INF); The Little Overcoat (LIT). Level G: Melting (INF). Level J: Jewels: Children's Play Rhymes (LIT). A Common Core lesson plan (booklet) is included for each title.
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Reading Level: A - D
Genre: Mixed
Theme: Mixed
Text Type: Mixed
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Student Book 6-pack

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97760 Guided Reading Kit 3 for Grade K Each Guided Reading Kit includes:
96 books (6 copies of 16 titles) and 16 Guided Reading Common Core lesson plans (booklets)
44995 Monster Party A group of friendly monsters are having a party. Some of the arrivals are unexpected! Student Book 6-pack
55742 Play Ball Watch all the actions in a soccer game. Student Book 6-pack
45045 Trucks Many kinds of trucks carry many kinds of things-even other trucks! Student Book 6-pack
34053 What Comes from Eggs? Many animals hatch form eggs. This book shows us a few of them-and their eggs, too. Student Book 6-pack
55726 There's a Mouse in the House There’s a mouse, a cat, a dog, a tiger, and an elephant in the house. Student Book 6-pack
55831 Who Lives in the Sea? Sea life, including jellyfish, starfish, fish, octopus, seals, dolphins, and sharks, is shown in colorful photographs. Student Book 6-pack
55793 Itch! Itch! Children playing in the ivy patch get an itchy rash. Student Book 6-pack
55823 Make a Valentine Follow easy directions to make a valentine Student Book 6-pack
95902 Compass Rose This book explains that families can be the same in some ways and different in other ways. Student Book 6-pack
55750 How Many Pets? Students help count how many pets they have at school Student Book 6-pack
95919 Earn It! Spend It! Distinguishing between what you need and what you want will help you make good choices when you spend your money. Student Book 6-pack
31828 Oh No! A little girl discovers holes in everything. Student Book 6-pack
50708 Tarantulas Are Spiders Interesting facts about tarantulas, the largest of all spiders, are presented. Student Book 6-pack
5570X The Little Overcoat A young boy keeps changing his overcoat, making it into other things. Student Book 6-pack
5083X Melting Some things melt in the sun and some do not. Student Book 6-pack
50856 Jewels: Children's Play Rhymes Jewels includes 21 play rhymes from around the world. Student Book 6-pack