Who's Doing the Work? Collections

Guided Reading Books Selected or Written
by Burkins & Yaris
Text selection is particularly critical in Guided Reading. Students are being asked to practice and apply what they have learned in Read Aloud and Shared Reading as they construct meaning at their individual instructional reading level.

For the Who's Doing the Work? Lesson Sets (Stenhouse, 2018), Burkins & Yaris have curated guided reading collections on a range of levels to match the engaging topics and instructional goals for each of the three lesson sets in every grade. These books were chosen or written by Jan and Kim using the following criteria:

Complexity: Gives students something to think about.

Accessibility: In Guided Reading, students are able to read and understand the text, and develop their power as problem-solvers.

Engagement: Texts fill students with energy, awe, and inspiration.

Representation of People: Children from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds can see themselves in the characters across the collection.

Relevance: The text fits with the other texts and instructional goals for each lesson set.

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Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 1 Guided Reading
Complete Collection
216 books: 6 copies each of 36 titles at Levels C–J Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 1 Guided Reading
Lesson Set 1 Collection
60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels C–J Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 1 Guided Reading
Lesson Set 2 Collection
60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels C–J Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 1 Guided Reading
Lesson Set 3 Collection
60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels C–J Learn more >
A little girl feels many different kinds of happy on one special day. Level C Learn more >
Is This a Monster?
Learn about different animals by seeing first a photo of a part of an animal and then the entire animal. Level C Learn more >
Made to Buy
Who makes what we buy at the store? Level C Learn more >
There's a Bear in My Closet!
Something scary is hiding in the closet! Level C Learn more >
What Made this Shadow?
Shadows come in all shapes and sizes! Can you tell what made these shadows? Level C Learn more >
Will You Play With Me?
Tig is looking for someone to play with. But he can’t climb like a leopard, swing like a monkey, or stomp like an elephant… Who will he find to play with him? Level C Learn more >
Are These Eyes?
Look closely! Do you see eyes looking back at you? Level D Learn more >
Big Dreams
Matt and his friends have big dreams for the future! Level D Learn more >
Hurry Up, Slow Down
Dad wants Cara to hurry up or she’ll be late for school! Level D Learn more >
Lost Cat!
When a girl’s pet cat is lost, Mom and Dad suggest many places to look. Level D Learn more >
Patterns All Around Us
We see patterns all around us! Some were made by people, and some by nature. Level D Learn more >
What Is a Shadow?
Find out how a shadow is made. Level D Learn more >
1 Is For One
Follow numbers from one to ten through changing situations in three progressively smaller books. Level E. Learn more >
Animals Changing and Growing
Some baby animals look very different from their parents. They change a lot as they grow! Level E Learn more >
Hide and Seek
Hide and seek is easy when the sun is out! Level E Learn more >
In the Shadow of Night
What animals come out when the sun goes down? Level E Learn more >
We’re on our way to Grandma’s house. But, wait! Do we have everything we need? Level E Learn more >
Where We Live, How We Live
How you live depends on where you live. Find out how different people live around the world. Level E Learn more >
Animals That Jump
Animals move in many ways. Some animals jump! They may jump to get food or to get out of danger. Level F Learn more >
Chores: Then and Now
People have always done chores around the house. In the past, people did a lot of things by hand. Today, machines help us do a lot of the work. You may see some machines you have in your home! Level F Learn more >
Max Helps
Max just wants to help his big sister with her building, but he keeps causing problems. Level F Learn more >
A New Friend
Who will keep Nate company on a lonely afternoon? Level F Learn more >
Signs of Spring
While walking to school with her friends one day, Lucy finds many signs of spring. Level F. Learn more >
World of Shadow Puppets
Read all about shadow puppets. Then make your own! Level F Learn more >
All About Nuts
What's in a nut? Read interesting facts about nuts, and find out what's really a nut...and what's not! Level G Learn more >
Milo and the Greatest Trick Ever!
Even though it takes a lot longer than anticipated, Milo’s trick featuring Rainbow the cat is a great success. Level G Learn more >
Moon Gazers
People around the world see the same moon in different ways. What do you see when you look at the moon? Level G Learn more >
Pip’s First Class
Today is Pip’s first class. He will have to run and jump over hurdles and through hoops. How will Pip do in class? Level H Learn more >
Quibble's Trick
Quibble is not as big as he wants people to think! Level H Learn more >
Turtles Under Threat
Sea turtles are unique animals that live in the sea. But today, they are endangered. Can people help these sea creatures survive? Level H Learn more >
Changing Shadows
Do an experiment to find out why shadows change during the day. Level I Learn more >
Odd Jobs That People Really Do
You won’t believe the odd jobs that some people get paid to do! Level I Learn more >
Sometimes I Feel Like a Storm Cloud
Sometimes the young narrator feels like a storm cloud, or a big balloon, or like the winter snow. Throughout the day her feelings change. Level I. Learn more >
Amazing Eyes
Like people, most animals use their eyes to see the world around them. Find out about some unique eyes across the animal kingdom. Level J Learn more >
Buster was like most fireflies, but there was one difference: Buster’s tail wouldn’t light up. When Buster and his friend Willie try to get Buster’s tail to glow at night, they have many unexpected adventures. Level J Learn more >
The Man Who Bought a Shadow
In this retelling of an Indian folktale, a clever man puts a shadow to good use. Level C Learn more >