About Us

With its beginnings in professional development in NYC in 1986, Mondo expanded in the mid 90s into publishing elementary literacy resources that make it easier for teachers to meet the needs of all their students. The mission of Mondo’s founder and CEO, Mark Vineis, is to provide elementary classrooms with high-quality literacy resources and ongoing professional learning that supports more effective teaching and improved student learning. Mondo has stayed true to its professional development roots based on a strong belief that all children can learn to a high standard given sufficient time and opportunity. Teachers hold the key to this. Mondo supports districts, schools, and teachers across the US, in all settings, by providing customized, system-wide professional development coupled with supportive and engaging resources. To improve literacy practices and student outcomes, Mondo partners with school districts to customize professional development solutions focused on refining the cultures and systems around effective literacy leadership and instructional practices. Central to this is engaging all stakeholders—district, school, and classroom level—in nurturing the culture and systems that drive literacy improvement. Better outcomes are achieved by engaging all stakeholders in ongoing professional development to help calibrate a shared understanding of effective instructional practices and to reap the full potential of the resources.

For over twenty years Mondo has been developing engaging materials for classrooms. They create resources built on the Common Core that allow teachers to concentrate their time on effective instruction that meets the needs of their students. The aim has always been to provide teachers with strong support that is flexible enough to meet their unique context, and to provide students with authentic and engaging books they want to read. Mondo’s resources are a great alternative to traditional basals, which have had limited success in improving early literacy. The comprehensive teacher materials provide manageable support and flexible design for teachers of all experience levels to be successful.

The word “mondo” means “world” in Italian. Here at Mondo we are working to help all students become fully literate and expand their world in all its diversity. We want to help them access to the real world of information and the imaginative world of literature, and to empower them with the ability to comprehend, communicate, and contribute to their word.