Transforming Data-Driven instruction
The uses of technology in education go far beyond the delivery of curriculum on computers, interactive whiteboards, and tablets. Technology tools have revolutionized the management of student data, empowering teachers in making data-driven decisions. Web-based data management systems assist with day-to-day management of formative data, link to a district’s current data and to state standards, identify students at risk, generate reports, and enable 3-tier progress monitoring for RTI. Mobile devices save significant time and provide assessment results immediately. Mondo offers two technology products to help use data effectively: the web-based DataZone™ online data management system and mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition, a handheld and online reporting platform. Mondo also offers its complete K–5 collection of leveled student books as interactive e-books in English and Spanish as well as all of Bookshop's shared reading materials which are available for interactive whiteboard.