Intervention Shared Reading Package Grade K

Optional Package Provides Shared Reading Opportunities
(Optional) Includes big books and shared reading lesson plans and Letís Sing About It! Songs and Rhymes for Shared Reading Grade K. Shared Reading packages are available for individual sale.
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  • Intervention Shared Reading: includes Letís Sing About It! and 10 Big Books with lesson plans.
  • Intervention Shared Reading for Summer School: includes Letís Sing About It! and 2 Big Books with lesson plans.
  • The package supplements Mondo Intervention, Mondo Intervention Plus, and Mondo Intervention for Summer School.
  • Each Big Book in Grades K-3 includes shared reading lesson plans.
  • The Read Aloud Book in the Grade 4/5 level provides 20 high-interest selections with short, focused lesson plans.
  • Letís Sing About It! (Grades K-3) provides opportunities for students to tune in to the sounds and structures of language.
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Big Books and Lesson Plans for Intervention Shared Reading Grade K
Big Books and Lesson Plans for Intervention Shared Reading Grade K Learn more >
Letís Sing About It! Songs and Rhymes for Shared Reading Complete Set Grade K
Illustrated, full-color easel charts, a CD, and a cassette contain a variety of engaging songs and rhymes. An eight-page lesson booklet accompanies each song and rhyme. Learn more >
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Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
61076 Let's Sing About It! Grade K Complete Set Complete Set includes a 22" x 28" Songs and Rhymes Chart, plus accompanying CD and cassette and Lesson Booklets. Song & Rhyme Chart
15333 Little Bears Little bears do many things that children do. This book shows us a number of them. Big Book
55351 Itch! Itch! Children playing in the ivy patch get an itchy rash. Big Book
15388 Make a Valentine Big Book
15357 A Trip to the City Two children explore a city with their grandparents-and watch as their grandfather does some unusual things. Big Book
50198 Is This a Monster? Learn about different animals by seeing first a photo of a part of an animal and then the entire animal. Big Book
15371 A Week with Aunt Bea Aunt Bea visits her niece, and each day of the week is filled with activity. Big Book
50961 It Didn't Frighten Me Night after night, a young boy sees strange creatures outside his window.
None of them frighten him-except a big brown owl.
Big Book
31674 Oh No! A little girl discovers holes in everything. Big Book
50562 Five Little Monkeys Five little monkeys disappear in this silly version of a traditional counting rhyme. Big Book
50163 Hands, Hands, Hands In this rhyming story, an imaginary creature helps the reader learn about some of the many things that hands can do. Big Book
55246 The Little Overcoat A young boy keeps changing his overcoat, making it into other things. Big Book
50473 Chickens Learn how chickens hatch from eggs. Big Book
50309 Jewels: Children's Play Rhymes Jewels includes 21 play rhymes from around the world. Big Book
15364 At Work This nonfiction look at jobs shows that different jobs require people to work in different places. Big Book
55408 Who Lives in the Sea? Sea life, including jellyfish, starfish, fish, octopus, seals, dolphins, and sharks, is shown in colorful photographs. Big Book