About Us

Mondo Publishing was founded in 1986 by Mark Vineis. Initially an organization specializing in professional learning, Mondo remains dedicated to modeling and supporting best practices in literacy instruction and leadership development, believing that all students can achieve high standards given sufficient time and support, and that teachers hold the key to successful learning.

In 1994 Mondo began publishing supplemental reading/language arts resources, followed by core and intervention materials. Anchored by the Bookshop Reading program, Mondo’s core and supplemental materials have been adopted in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. Mondo resources also include the noteworthy Let’s Talk About It! Oral Language-Reading and Writing program, Mondo Intervention, and a variety of practical and effective core, intervention, and supplemental solutions for the K–5 classroom.

The Bookshop Reading program incorporates research-based instructional strategies that improve literacy outcomes. Multiple third-party studies show significantly improved student outcomes, including English Language Learners and those at-risk. The first of several third-party research studies took place in 1997 with the Boston, New York City, and Elgin/Chicago school districts. Since that year, studies in Florida, Connecticut, and New York have consistently provided further evidence of dramatic improvement in test scores.

Mondo formed strategic partnerships with two technology firms in 2008 with the goal of developing data and instructional management tools to further support district and classroom professionals. DataZone (powered by Edmin) and mCLASS Reading 3D Mondo Edition (Wireless Generation) are the fruitful results of those partnerships.

The word “mondo” means “world” in Italian. Here at Mondo we are working to help all students become fully literate and expand their world in all its diversity. We want to help them access to the real world of information and the imaginative world of literature, and to empower them with the ability to comprehend, communicate, and contribute to their world.

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