Do Not Touch

Children must not touch some things.
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Author: Josephine Selwyn
Grade Level: 1
Reading Level: B
Intervention Level: 2
DRA Level: 2
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Responsibility
Text Type: Explanation
Available in these formats:
Student Book 6-pack

Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
32553 Do Not Touch Children must not touch some things. Student Book 6-pack
33592 Reading Safari Grade 1 Student Book Library 27 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
35196 Safari Grade1 Little Book Add-on or Independent Pack The add-on pack includes 1 copy of each of the 27 books in the Grade 1 library. Student Book Add-on Pack
4085X Reading Safari Grade 1 Complete Classroom Package Package includes 27 Reading Safari Magazines (6 copies of each), Teacher Notes, 27 student books (6 copies of each), 9 Encyclofacts (6 copies of each), plus 8 book bins. Mixed Safari