Professional Learning

At Mondo, we believe that all teachers can teach to high standards given the right conditions and assistance.

Our nationwide team of facilitators provides ongoing, customized district and school-based support to help school leaders and teachers deepen and fine-tune their instructional literacy practices based on 21st century standards.

Improvement in literacy practice is centered around the establishment of a shared vision of rigorous, student-centered instruction.
To this end, Mondo offers comprehensive professional learning through workshop experiences that include collaborative planning, observation, and reflection on live demonstration lessons with your students. This “classroom-out” approach accelerates and solidifies professional learning by linking theory with actual practice.

I love the variety of facilitation moves! As a coach I was capturing them so we might be able to plan and engage adults through similar processes and structures! Appreciated the time to think, process and talk!
-Coach, Adams 12 Five Star School District

What worked for me in PD delivery, was the format was great! Very knowledgeable, personable, and funny presenters. The load was appropriate, time was balanced between listening, discussing, and moving around. Loved the videos and live modeling.
-Principal, Adams 12 Five Star School District

Today I learned that guided reading needs to be more of the student carrying the heavy load and teacher doing more guid(ing) and diving towards a deeper understanding of the focus of the lesson.
–Coach, Flint Community Schools

As always, I was amazed and encouraged by your use of wait time! It's a goal of mine to be better about this and not "rescue" my readers but let them marinate in their thinking to help them gain confidence in their own thinking and abilites, and less reliant on me.
-Teacher, Mercer Island School District

Something I found interesting, was that I loved being able to see lessons being taught, and seeing how our students can rise to the challenge.
–Coach, Denver Public Schools