Grade 1 InfoPairs Mini-Kit Social Studies

Paired nonfiction articles for cross-text reading
The InfoPairs Mini-Kit Social Studies text cards integrate standards-based science topics across a range of nonfiction text types. The Mini-Kit includes eight paired leveled text cards in 6-packs, four-page guided reading lesson plans for each pair, teacher guidebook and a convenient storage box.

Text types included in each grade: Report, procedure, explanation, persuasive, transactional, biography, memoir

Social Studies Themes: Shelters, Citizenship, Holidays, Ethnic or Cultural Celebrations, Transportation, Landforms, Conservation, People and Climate, Money, Regional Differences, Human Migration, Urbanization, Technology, U.S. Government, Colonization, and more.

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64541 Grade 1 InfoPairs Mini-Kit, Social Studies 8 Paired Leveled Text Cards 8 1/4 X 10 7/8 inches in 6-packs, 4-Page Guided Instructional Reading Lesson Plan for each pair, Teacher Guidebook, Storage Box Mini Kit