Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Lesson Set 3 Collection

(60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels A–E)

CYCLE 1 (Informational)
• On the Map (Level A)
• Sleeping Baby Animals (Level B)
• How Many Legs? (Level C)
• Who Made the Cake? (Level D)
• Spots and Stripes (Level E)

CYCLE 2 (Informational)
• Look at the Lizard (Level A)
• Then and Now (Level B)
• What Comes First? (Level C)
• Tiny Creature, Big Builder (Level D)
• Get Ready for the Weather! (Level E)
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Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
49323 Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading Lesson Set 3 Collection
60 books (6 copies of 10 titles) Collection
48913 On the Map Find your way around the town. Student Book 6-pack
40818 Sleeping Baby Animals All baby animals sleep. They sleep in different places, such as trees and nests. Some even sleep in their mother’s pouch! Student Book 6-pack
45592 How Many Legs? Look closely to see how many legs each animal has. Student Book 6-pack
48920 Who Made the Cake? What goes into making one, simple cake? Student Book 6-pack
44496 Spots and Stripes Some animals have spots and some animals have stripes. These markings protect the animals. Some markings help an animal hide. Other markings warn other animals to stay away. Student Book 6-pack
45231 Look At the Lizard Take a very close look at a lizard! Student Book 6-pack
48937 Then and Now How is life today different from life long ago? Student Book 6-pack
50716 What Comes First? Relationships in nature, such as the sun preceding the day, are presented. Student Book 6-pack
48944 Tiny Creature, Big Builder Some tiny creatures are big builders! Student Book 6-pack
48951 Get Ready for the Weather Join us as we get ready for different kinds of weather! Student Book 6-pack