Bookshop Phonics Teacher’s Chart Grade K

Phonics Teaching Aids in Large Easel Format
The easel-style charts (22” X 28”) includes over 70 pages of phonics teaching aids, including full-color poster scenes and letter, sentence, and story charts. Teachers use the charts with small and whole groups to present new skills and guide student practice.
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Full-color poster scenes portray objects and actions to stimulate phonemic awareness activities.
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The Grade K Bookshop Phonics Teacher Chart

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11273 Bookshop Phonics Program Grade K Phonics Teacher Chart (22" x 28"), Card Kit, Student Partner Practice Book (6 copies), Teacher Guide, Alphabet Boards (3 alphabet boards: uppercase, lowercase, and blank letter layouts) Various
11354 Bookshop Phonics Student Partner Practice Book Grade K Includes peer and individual skill practice pages, word cards, letter cards, picture cards, and perforated alphabet cards and boards. Six-pack. Student Book 6-pack