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Fiction and Nonfiction Books for Targeted Instruction K-5
The leveled texts in Mondo’s Bookshop Reading libraries are carefully developed to help students become fluent, independent readers and to support skill development. A wide range of precisely leveled texts are available in a variety of levels, text types, book sizes, and formats, allowing teachers to provide instruction at a student’s exact point of need using materials that grab readers’ interest. Classroom libraries include six copies of each title, individual guided reading lesson plans, and book bins for convenient storage. See also Bookshop Reading Student Book Six-Packs K-5.

Grade K (Levels A-K): 70 titles (420 books)
Grade 1 (Levels A-M): 73 titles (438 books)
Grade 2 (Levels E-P): 70 titles (420 books)
Grade 3 (Levels J-S): 50 titles (300 books)
Grade 4 (Levels L-T): 50 titles (300 books)
Grade 5 (Levels L-X): 50 titles (300 books)
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  • Precisely leveled texts in a wide range of levels meet the needs and interests of every reader.
  • Lesson plans model focused teaching with clear comprehension focuses and teacher language.
  • Fiction text types include adventure, animal story, fable, fairy tale, fantasy, folktale, graphic novel, historical fiction, imaginative recount, legend, myth, mystery, narrative, play, poetry, question and answer, realistic fiction, science fiction, and transactional (journal).
  • Nonfiction text types include biography, explanation, informational poem, persuasive, procedure, question and answer, reference, report, and transactional (letter).
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Rainbows of the Sea
Bright, colorful, and unique paper sculptures illustrate this rhyme about life in the sea, focusing on animals whose colors together make up a rainbow. Level N. Learn more >
Why Roadrunners Only Die of Old Age
This Native American trickster tale features crafty old Roadrunner, who outwits naïve young Coyote every time Coyote tries to catch her. Level L. Learn more >
Dorothea Lange: Photographer With a Heart
This biography tells about the work of photographer Dorothea Lange. Familiar photographs taken by Lange and information about the images are included. Level L. Learn more >
Songs of Dolphin Cove
With the help of an American professor, a boy who can communicate with dolphins must save his island from a powerful tsunami. Level T. Learn more >
The Strange Life of the Land Hermit Crab
A dramatic presentation of the unusual life cycle and surprising habits of the herbit crab, which is born in the ocean but migrates to land to live out its adult life. Level M. Learn more >
Teddy’s Bear
With accessible primary-source materials for support, this appealing book explains the surprising origin of the beloved stuffed animal children call the “teddy bear.” Level N. Learn more >
Peanuts! Peanut Butter!
A look at the history and popularity of peanuts, some of its many uses, and background on some of the peanut’s famous fans. Fun peanut facts, projects, rhymes, and more are included. Level N. Learn more >
Mango’s Revenge
Mango the parrot resents sharing his family when Dixie the dog moves in. Level O. Learn more >
Tea Leaves
Shanti, who lives in the tea-leaf covered mountains of Sri Lanka, achieves her dearest wish. Level O. Learn more >
Fatima comes up with a plan to teach her classmates not to judge by appearance. Level O. Learn more >
Mystery of the Jubilee Emerald
Cristopher and Erica are drawn into an old, unsolved mystery right in Cristopher’s backyard. Level O. Learn more >
Demeter and Persephone
This Greek Myth Explains how the seasons came to be. Level O. Learn more >
Dreams by Day, Dreams by Night
This anthology includes imaginative poems and photographs on the topic of dreams. Level P. Learn more >
Almost Undone
An anthology of six stories by the well-known Australian fantasy author Paul Jennings. Level P. Learn more >
Herbert Fieldmouse, Secret Agent
In order to deliver an important message, Herbert must get past the evil cat, Dr. Whiskers. Level P. Learn more >
Mysterious Spinners
This legend tells of a Chinese empress who discovers how thread spun by white worms can be woven into silk. Level P. Learn more >
The Little Mermaid
A young mermaid falls in love with a prince, and wishes to be human. Level P. Learn more >
Council Fire
A young brave helps five Iroquois nations unite in peace and proves he is worthy of his father’s respect. Level P. Learn more >
Should Kids Play Video Games?
A fourth-grade class makes the case for and against video games. Level P. Learn more >
Basic scientific principles of flight are explained by comparing and contrasting the natural flight of birds with the mechanical flight of various aircraft. Level P. Learn more >
Jason doesn’t worry about the weird e-mails he's receiving until they become stranger and more threatening.. Level Q. Learn more >
Young Robin’s Hood
The story of Robin Hood and his merry men when they were just kids. Level Q. Learn more >
The Horse Jar
Annie’s dream is to buy a horse of her own. She finally finds the perfect horse but chooses to sacrifice her entire savings to help her best friend. Level Q. Learn more >
Art Works! Stencils, Prints, and Special Effects
Students learn to create art with commonly found materials. Level Q. Learn more >
Story-Writing Handbook
A writer’s how-to. Basic story elements are clarified, such as genre, character, setting, plot, structure, and dialogue. Includes checklists, writer’s tips, and interactive “You Try It!” features. Level Q. Learn more >
How Advertising Works
An imaginary product is created and an ad campaign developed to explain the creative process. Level Q. Learn more >
Maria Sanz de Sautuola
The biography of the Spanish girl who discovered the first known prehistoric cave paintings. Level Q. Learn more >
Nicolaus Copernicus
A biography of the man who determined that the planets circle the sun, a foundation of modern astronomy. Level R. Learn more >
Itchy Mitch
An attack of poison ivy on Mitch’s vacation in Maine teaches him that video games aren’t everything. Level R. Learn more >
Doris Free
A story of struggle and hope in a small Wisconsin town during the Great Depression. Level R. Learn more >
How to Start Your Own Business
An age-appropriate guide to everything students need to known to start and run a business. Level R. Learn more >
Facts on Film: How to Make a Documentary
A student guide to planning, shooting, and editing your own documentary film. Level R. Learn more >
Kids You Ought to Know
Fifteen short biographies of children from various backgrounds who made significant contributions to society. Level R. Learn more >
Should We Use Green Energy Sources that Could Endanger Animals?
This FlipSides book focuses on wind power and water power as two non-polluting sources of green energy. Are the benefits more compelling than the downsides? Level R. Learn more >
Angel Island
The history of Angel Island from the prehistoric Miwok Indians to the present, with a focus on Chinese immigration. Level R. Learn more >
A Glint of Gold
Two kids travel to Florida to help their uncle. Together they unravel a mystery involving the tropical setting, pirates past and present, treasure, and surprising rewards. Level S. Learn more >
A Name of Honor
An Italian girl changes her name, upsetting tradition but honoring her new life. Level S. Learn more >
Time Spinner
A 22nd century girl travels back to 21st century Earth with surprising results. Level P. Learn more >
With Courage: Seven Women Who Changed America
Brief biographies of seven women who accomplished great things against the odds. Level S. Learn more >
Should There Be Presidential Term Limits?
This FlipSides book covers both sides of the hot political issue. Level S. Learn more >
With One Sky Above Us: The Story of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce
The story of how Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Indians fought to keep their homeland. The book explores the Indians’ history and recounts their remarkable flight toward freedom during the 1877 Nez Perce War. Winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award. Level S. Learn more >
America’s Forests and Woodlands
Vivid descriptions of the various forest habitats in North America. Level S. Learn more >
Willie Covan Loved to Dance
The life story of the world-famous tap dancer and how he overcome racial prejudice. Level T. Learn more >
Masher and Crasher: The Jetboard Adventure
Two boys find plans to build a futuristic skateboard. But can they build it and ride it before the men-in-black catch them? Level T. Learn more >
Fog Valley
Jason Crawford is hustled off to Von Ulf’s Retreat for Unruly Youths to learn “the true meaning of good behavior.” There, he experiences bizarre encounters with peculiar characters, resulting in a surprising miracle. Level T. Learn more >
Are Organized Sports Better for Kids Than Pick-up Games?
This FlipSides book covers both sides of the important issue. Level T. Learn more >
Atlas of Endangered Species
A comprehensive look at the animals and plants under threat and measures to protect them. Level T. Learn more >
Thrill Rides! All About Roller Coasters
The colorful history, high-tech design, and science behind roller coasters. Level T. Learn more >
Books for Oliver
Oliver finds out how much his parents care when they sell part of their land to buy his schoolbooks. Level Q. Learn more >
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54196 Grade 4 Classroom Library 300 Student Books: 6 copies of 50 titles, plus Guided Reading Lesson Booklets and book bins. Classroom Library
54226 Grade 5 Classroom Library 300 Student Books: 6 copies of 50 titles, plus Guided Reading Lesson Booklets and book bins. Classroom Library
54288 Bookshop Grade 4 Add-on Pack The Add-on pack includes one copy of each of the 50 Grade 4 titles. Student Book Add-on Pack $370.00
54295 Bookshop Grade 5 Add-on Pack The Add-on pack includes one copy of each of the 50 Grade 5 titles. Student Book 6-Pack $385.00
58057 Grade 4 English/Spanish Library Classroom Library
58071 Grade 5 English/Spanish Library Classroom Library
58064 Grade 4 English/Spanish Add-on Pack Includes 1 copy each of 40 titles. Optional purchase. Student Book Add-on Pack
58088 Grade 5 English/Spanish Add-on Pack Includes 1 copy each of 40 titles. Optional purchase. Student Book Add-on Pack
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