Professional Learning

There has been increasing recognition of the fact that teacher effectiveness is critical to improving student learning. As a result, more resources are being devoted to the development of effective professional learning for educators. It is critical for state policymakers to ensure that their investments in professional learning are being implemented in meaningful ways through site-based and team-based learning, and that they are leading to fruitful results for both teachers and students.

Mondo Professional Learning is based on two central beliefs: All students can achieve high standards given sufficient time and support, and teachers hold the key to successful learning. Mondo partners with schools, districts, regions, and state departments to customize the delivery of cutting-edge professional development that is aligned with identified curriculum, Common Core, and state standards, and that supports teachers and education professionals in their desire for improved student outcomes.
All Mondo Professional Learning is structured around the use of formative data to guide and improve literacy instruction. Topics and programs range from explicit literacy intervention practices to more targeted instructional strategies that comprehensively meet the learning needs of all students. Specific details of services (frequency, duration, focus, etc.) are customized to meet the needs of each client.