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Develop Students’ Comprehension with an Emphasis on Talking About Text

Developed for small group instruction, each leveled book features prompts that guide a close reading of the text, standards-based sentence frames to build academic language, and collaborative conversation prompts that will help students deepen their comprehension.

Grade K (Levels A-F): 30 titles
Grade 1 (Levels C-I): 35 titles
Grade 2 (Levels G-N / Lexile 380L-710L): 42 titles
Grade 3 (Levels L-R / Lexile 510L-980L): 42 titles

Available lesson plan formats are Common Core (booklets), TEKS (booklets) Non-Common Core (CD only).
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  • Each book and lesson plan includes explicit links between reading behaviors and academic language structures
  • Thinking prompts to guide the reading
  • Standards-based sentence frames to build academic language
  • Support for collaborative conversations
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Animals That Jump
Animals move in many ways. Some animals jump! They may jump to get food or to get out of danger. Level F Learn more >
A Birthday Cake for Dad
A mother and son are shopping for Dad’s birthday cake! The eggs go into the bag. Then the trouble starts… Level C Learn more >
Bunny’s Party
Bunny asks all of her friends to come to her birthday party. But each of them has something else to do. Rooster will be busy crowing. Dog will be busy fetching. Who will come to Bunny’s party? Level D Learn more >
Can You Find It?
What is smooth and made of wood? What is colorful and made of paper? Follow the clues about material and texture and help find these objects! Level D Learn more >
Changing Weather
What should you wear when it’s hot out? What should you wear when it’s cold? Different clothing helps us stay comfortable in different weather. Level C Learn more >
Clean Up Trouble
The kids are cleaning up, but they run into trouble at every turn. Oh no, here comes the cat! Level D Learn more >
Frame It
A picture frame can help tell a story about the picture it holds. In this book we find out about how to decorate a space-themed frame for a photograph of an “astronaut.” Level B Learn more >
Healthy Choices
We can choose foods that are good for us. An apple is a healthier choice than a cookie. An egg is a healthier choice than a chocolate bar. It’s up to you! You can make good choices about staying healthy. Level D Learn more >
Homes: Then and Now
People have been building homes for a long time. What materials did people use to build homes long ago? What materials do they use today? Level E Learn more >
How Kangaroo Got Her Pouch
This story from Australia tells how Kangaroo got her pouch. Level F Learn more >
I See a Tiger
A little girl wakes up at night to see a tiger in the hall. Next she sees a dinosaur and a monster! But these frights turn out to be friendly objects around her home, and she knows there’s nothing to fear at bedtime. Level B Learn more >
Into Space
Boots? Check. Space suit? Check. A little girl gets ready for a big (pretend) adventure. Level B Learn more >
Music Makers
In this procedural text, students follow four steps for making their own maracas. They are shown all of the materials and directed to put beads into a plastic bottle, add a tube as a handle, tape it shut, and decorate it! Level C Learn more >
My Toy Car
A little boy plays with his toy car by pushing it up different objects. Zoom! Where is the toy car headed? Level A Learn more >
Our Sky: Day and Night
What do you see when you look up at the sky? The sky you see during the day looks very different from the sky you see at night! Find out how the sky changes, and why. Level F Learn more >
Pet Needs
Pets have certain needs in order to be happy and healthy. Find out what a pet needs. Level A Learn more >
Pip Is in the Bath
Pip’s bath makes him nice and clean! But before long, he will be needing another one. Level A Learn more >
The Race
Monkey and Crow have a race. Crow thinks he will win because he can fly and he thinks flying is fastest. Monkey has other ideas. Ready, set, go! Level F Learn more >
The Rules of the Game
Learn about how different games are played. Level E Learn more >
The Singing Frogs
Fred the Frog is a good singer. Fay the Frog is not a good singer. Together Fay and Fred trick the other frogs into thinking Fay is a good singer on April Fools’ Day. Level E Learn more >
Sleeping Baby Animals
All baby animals sleep. They sleep in different places, such as trees and nests. Some even sleep in their mother’s pouch! Level B Learn more >
Sneaky Seal
Ian and Emma get a surprise when a seal sneaks into their house. See what happens when they try to get it out. Based on a true story! Level F Learn more >
Story Time
A boy is trying to pick a story for story time. He imagines many of the stories he could tell and doesn’t know which one to pick! Level C Learn more >
Tim Packs for a Trip
Tim is going on a trip. He has to pack his own bag. What does he need to bring? Level E Learn more >
Where Do You Work?
People work in all different places. Meet some new people and find out where they work. Level A Learn more >
Where is Max?
Sam has lost his dog Max in the park. Max loves to hide. Could he be hiding now? Mat and Sara help out. Level E Learn more >
Where Is Pip?
A family searches all over the house for Pip. They look everywhere. Where could he be hiding? Level B Learn more >
Who Am I?
Nat sees different animals outside. He likes to act like the animals he sees! Who will he pretend to be next? Level A Learn more >
Who’s in the Boat?
In this rhyming narrative, a family is going on a boat ride. Hop on…  Level D Learn more >
Will You Play With Me?
Tig is looking for someone to play with. But he can’t climb like a leopard, swing like a monkey, or stomp like an elephant… Who will he find to play with him? Level C Learn more >