Grade 1 InfoPairs Box Kit

Paired Nonfiction Articles for Cross-Text Reading in Grade 1
InfoPairs is designed for explicit, small-group guided reading in Grades 1-5. Using short, paired, leveled text cards, students analyze and synthesize information from two related sources to arrive at a deeper level of comprehension. Teachers and students engage first in a focused reading of each text individually, using one of a variety of comprehension strategies. Then they engage in a rich discussion of both text cards, using comprehension strategies that encourage students to make text-to-text connections, compare and contrast, summarize, and synthesize for new or deeper understandings of the subject matter. The Grade 1 kit includes 28 nonfiction text cards (Levels E-M) largely divided between science and social studies topics (14 pairs in 6-packs, for a total of 168 cards per kit); 14 lesson plan booklets, including reproducible masters; the guidebook for instruction; and a sturdy storage box with tab organizers.

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  • InfoPairs meets the Common Core Standards requirements for reading appropriately complex and informational texts.
  • Text types include report, procedure, explanation, persuasive, transactional, biography, and memoir. The range of text types and formats are found in real-life texts and on standardized tests and supplement any core reading program.
  • Each pair of cards relates to a specific curriculum theme linked to national science and social studies standards, helping teachers to integrate content area topics during the reading block.
  • Students apply and practice a range of comprehension strategies: making connections, making inferences, determining importance, answering and generating questions, recognizing text structures, and synthesizing and summarizing.
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69476 Grade 1 InfoPairs Box Kit 28 Text Cards 8 1/4 X 10 7/8 inches, 4-Page Guided Instructional Reading Lesson Plan for each pair, Guidebook, Storage Box with 4-color tab organizers Box Kit