Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Lesson Set 1 Collection

(60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels A–E)

CYCLE 1 (Literature)
• Missing Socks (Level A)
• There is a Mouse in the House (Level B)
• Where is Marco? (Level C)
• How Many Pets? (Level D)
• Days of Adventure (Level E)

CYCLE 2 (Literature)
• Pip is in the Bath (Level A)
• Honk! (Level B)
• A Trip to the City (Level C)
• Saturday Mornings (Level D)
• Oh, No! (Level E)
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Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
49309 Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading Lesson Set 1 Collection
60 books (6 copies of 10 titles) Collection
48876 Missing Socks Look closely! What happened to all the missing socks? Student Book 6-pack
55726 There's a Mouse in the House There’s a mouse, a cat, a dog, a tiger, and an elephant in the house. Student Book 6-pack
45126 Where Is Marco? Marco likes to read books that take him on imaginary journeys to lots of different places. Student Book 6-pack
55750 How Many Pets? Students help count how many pets they have at school Student Book 6-pack
52670 Days of Adventure By using their imagination, two friends go on many adventures. Student Book 6-pack
40627 Pip Is in the Bath Pip’s bath makes him nice and clean! But before long, he will be needing another one. Student Book 6-pack
50635 Honk! A fire engine gets stuck in traffic on the way to a fire. Student Book 6-pack
45185 A Trip to the City Two children explore a city with their grandparents-and watch as their grandfather does some unusual things. Student Book 6-pack
50783 Saturday Mornings A young boy likes to help his family on Saturday mornings, but he particularly loves to help his grandma when she bakes cookies. Student Book 6-pack
31828 Oh No! A little girl discovers holes in everything. Student Book 6-pack