Guided Reading Kits (Nonfiction)

High-Interest Nonfiction Selections
The leveled books in Mondo’s Nonfiction Guided Reading Kits are carefully selected to help students become fluent, independent readers and to support each reader’s development at increasing levels of difficulty. Each leveled kit includes six copies of 16 student books, guided reading lesson plans for each title, and a colorful storage box for easy classroom management.
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  • Nonfiction Guided Reading Kits facilitate differentiated reading practice on appropriately leveled texts.
  • Each kit includes an array of book sizes, formats, and shapes.
  • Interesting nonfiction text types and topics engage students’ interest.
  • Lesson plans model focused teaching with clear comprehension focuses and teacher language.
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Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 1
Includes six copies each of 16 student books at Levels A-C. Learn more >
Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 2
Includes six copies each of 16 student books at Levels A-E. Learn more >
Guided Reading Lesson Plans (Levels A-E)
The individual guided reading lesson plans model focused teaching with clear comprehension focuses and examples of open-ended questioning and discussion. Learn more >
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60649 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 1 Includes six copies each of 16 student books at Levels A-C. Level A: I Can Push, What Comes From Eggs?, Little Bears, The Pet Store, Trucks. Level B: In the Woods, This Is Water, I Eat Leaves, Breakfast at the Farm, At Work, Who Lives in the Sea? Level C: Look Again, I Love Bugs, Animals Sleeping, How Many Legs?, Is This a Monster? Student Book 6-pack
60657 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 2 Level A: Flowers, Look at the Lizard, Jobs. Level B: Raindrops, Where Are the Dinosaurs?, Homes, A World of Birds, Animals Hiding. Level C: Pen Pals, What Comes First?, Make a Valentine. Level D: Where Do Animals Live?, Firefighters. Level E: How to Make Sock Puppets, A Pumpkin Grows, Let’s Make a Kite Kit
60665 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 3 Level F: Penguins, Dolphins, Seahorses, Tarantulas Are Spiders, Tails. Level G: Making Collages, Chickens, Melting. Level H: The Dancing Dragon, How to Make Salsa, Trees. Level I: Growing Radishes and Carrots, Floating and Sinking, Somewhere, I Need Glasses, My Trip to the Optometrist, Candy Creations from the “Candy Queen.” Kit
60673 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 4 Level I: Francis Scott Key and the “Star-Spangled Banner,” You Don’t Look Like Your Mother. Level J: Breathing, Beavers, Who Likes It Hot?, What Animal Lives Here?, Touch the Earth, Where Does the Butterfly Go When It Rains? Level K: Dinosaurs, Meet the Octopus, Caterpillars, Tubes in My Ears: My Trip to the Hospital. Level L: Slugs and Snails, Some Machines Are Enormous. Level M: Spiders, Planning a Birthday Party. Kit
60681 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 5 Level K: Six Things to Make, Should We Have Pets?, Sharks, Our National Treasures, Grizzly Bears. Level L: Thinking About Ants, Sports Hall of Fame. Level M: Animal Shelters, Journey to a New Land: An Oral History, Kids Rule!, Today’s Weather Is…A Book of Experiments, Wacky Plant Cycles. Level N: Up and Away!, Taking a Flight, Platypus, On Site, Rainbows of the Sea. Kit
6069X Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 6 Level N: Should There Be Zoos?, What Makes a Bird a Bird? Level O: Whales, Frogs, Birds of Prey, Salmon, Pro Sports: How Did They Begin? Level P: How to Grow Crystals, 26 Fairmount Avenue, Exploring Freshwater Habitats, Exploring Land Habitats, What’s Happening? A Book of Explanations. Level Q: Mae Jemison. Level R: Forest Fires! Run For Your Life. Level S: Crocodilians, Insects. Kit
69875 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 7 Level P: Should Kids Play Video Games? A Persuasive Text. Level Q: How Advertising Works, Maria Sanz de Sautuola. Level R: Angel Island, Dashing Through the Snow: The Story of the Jr. Iditarod, Facts on Film: How to Make a Documentary, How to Start Your Own Business, Kids You Ought to Know, Nicolaus Copernicus. Level S: America’s Forests and Woodlands, Should There Be Presidential Term Limits?, With Courage: Women Who Changed America. Level T: Sagebrush and Paintbrush: The Story of Charlie Russell, The Cowboy Artist, Thrill Rides! All About Roller Coasters, Willie Covan Loved to Dance, Are Organized Sports Better for Kids Than Pick-up Games? Kit
69883 Nonfiction Guided Reading Kit 8 Level R: Sherlock Hounds: Our Heroic Search and Rescue Dogs, Should There Be Space Exploration? A Persuasive Text, Tell us a Tale, Hans! The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Level S: Women of the American Revolution, Chief Justice John Marshall, Jerry Yang, Chief Yahoo, Maps Are Cool! How to Read Them, Plan Them, and Create Them, The Mighty Hippopotamus. Level T: Art Works! Drawing, Sketching, and Cartooning, Route 66: Main Street of America, Won’t Take No for an Answer! The Story of Aviation Pioneer Bessie Coleman. Level U: Grand Central Terminal: Gateway to New York City. Level V: America’s Mountains, Is it Better to Be Judged by a Jury of Your Peers Than by a Judge?, Think Like a Photographer (And Shoot Better Pictures). Level W: Should We Drill for Oil in Protected Areas? Kit