Guided Reading Texts: Student Books (Levels A-D) for Intervention, Grade K

Guided Reading Leveled Texts and Lesson Plans for Targeted Intervention
Selected leveled texts (Levels A-D) in a variety of fiction and nonfiction text types enable targeted instruction at the precise point of need. An eight-page lesson plan accompanies each book. The number of books varies by purchasing option. Mondo Intervention: 128 books (4 copies of 32); Mondo Intervention Plus: 288 books (6 copies of 48); Mondo Intervention for Summer School: 64 books (4 copies of 16)
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From Firefighters (Level D nonfiction)
There’s a Mouse in the House (Level B fiction)
Guided reading lesson plans model focused teaching with clear comprehension focuses and teacher language.
Download a sample guided reading lesson plan here
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Fiction and nonfiction selections include a variety of text types.
Grade Level: K
Reading Level: A - D
Genre: Mixed
Text Type: Mixed
Available in these formats:
Student Book 6-pack

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58606 Phonics Intervention for Summer School/Extended Learning (In School and After School) Phonics Card Kit, Teacher's Chart, Teacher's Guide, Partner Practice Activities/Student Manipulatives CD Various