Bookshop Book Room Collection

High-Quality Reading Materials for K-5 Leveled Book Room Collections
The leveled texts in Mondoís K-5 Bookshop Book Room Collection are developed specifically to help students become fluent, independent readers and to support each readerís skill development. The combination of high-quality student literature, assessment and planning tools, and practical teacher resource materials support meaningful, focused instruction to meet the learning needs of all readers. The collection includes 2,178 student texts (6 copies each of 363 titles) in a range of text types, topics, and themes. Individual guided reading lesson plans and a teacher resource book are included, along with a storage bag for each 6-pack and accompanying lesson plan.
Levels A-C (DRA Levels 1-4): 60 titles
Levels D-F (DRA Levels 5-10): 43 titles
Levels G-I (DRA Levels 12-16): 43 titles
Levels J-L (DRA Levels 18-28): 65 titles
Levels M-O (DRA Levels 28-38): 59 titles
Levels P-S (DRA Levels 40-50): 75 titles
Levels T-X (DRA Levels 50-70): 28 titles
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  • Fiction text types include adventure, animal stories, fables and folktales, fantasy, graphic novels, historical fiction, humor, imagination recount, legend, mystery, poetry, play, question and answer, realistic fiction, science fiction, and transactional (journal).
  • Nonfiction text types include biography and oral history, explanation, informational poem, persuasive, procedural, reference, report, and transactional (letter).
  • Guided reading lesson plans provide explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.
  • The Book Room Resource Book includes a comprehensive skills trace, assessment tools, instructional planning tools, and teacher tips.
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Guided Reading Lesson Plans Grades K-5
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Book Room Collection
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Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
55346 K-5 Bookshop Bookroom Collection Includes 363 titles (6 copies of each), individual lesson booklets for each title,
storage bags to hold 6-packs with lesson booklets, and the Bookshop Bookroom Manual