mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition

High-Quality Assessment on a Mobile Device
Mondo has partnered with Amplify to create MCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition, a handheld and online reporting platform designed to help administer formative assessment and manage data. By using the convenient mobile device, teachers save significant time and receive assessment results instantly. MCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition combines Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) measures and the Mondo Oral Language Assessment with the research-based DIBELS® assessments so that educators can access a complete picture of student reading development in real time. Educators can view item-level response details, analyze trends in data, and appropriately evaluate and adjust instruction to meet student needs, creating a seamless assessment and instructional planning solution for K–5 students. To learn more, please visit or call (866) 212-8688.

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  • The mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition platform eliminates the traditional paper and pencil assessment.
  • The platform is ideal for current mCLASS users wanting to enhance DIBELS® assessments with Mondo’s TRC and Oral Language Assessment.
  • Mondo’s high-quality benchmark texts and Oral Language Assessment and Wireless Generation’s research-based formative assessment solutions work together to drive instruction.
  • Progress Monitoring Student Summary Reports help educators view progress and track advancement toward research-based goals.
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mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition Grades K–2
Assessments include Mondo’s Benchmark Text Level/Comprehension (Levels A–P), Print Concepts/Reading Behaviors, and Oral Language, and DIBELS® Initial Sound Fluency, Letter Naming Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency, Oral Reading Fluency, Retell Fluency (optional), and Word Use Fluency (optional). Wireless Generation’s optional Word Recognition assessment is also included. Learn more >
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