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Spanish adaptations of books from Mondo’s Bookshop K-5 libraries provide Spanish-speaking students with authentic reading experiences. A wide range of texts are available in a variety of reading stages, text types, book sizes, and formats, allowing teachers to provide instruction at a student’s exact point of need.

Grade K (Levels A-J): 48 titles
Grade 1 (Levels A-L): 48 titles
Grade 2 (Levels D-Q): 48 titles
Grade 3 (Levels J-T): 48 titles
Grade 4 (Levels L-T): 24 titles
Grade 5 (Levels N-V): 24 titles

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  • Books in a range of text types and formats grab the interest of readers.
  • Literature text types include fable, fairy tale, fantasy, folktale, graphic novel, historical fiction, legend, myth, mystery, narrative, play, poetry, question and answer, realistic fiction, and science fiction.
  • Informational text types include biography, explanation, informational poem, persuasive, procedure, reference, report, and transactional.
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Un arco iris en su plato (A Rainbow on Your Plate)
This book combines text, sidebars, photos, graphics, and interviews to teach readers how to establish a healthier diet by eating a variety of foods with all different kinds of colors. Level U. Learn more >
La canción del pan (Bread Song)
A Thai boy new to the U.S. finds a helpful friend in a bakery shop across the street. Level P. Learn more >
Los chicos cocinan naturalmente (Kids Cook Naturally)
This little cookbook encourages kids to get into the kitchen to prepare and share food from scratch, not from a package, and without a microwave! Level V. Learn more >
La Comida de Ookie (Feeding Ookie)
Sophia, Tom, and Jessica travel into the future on a secret mission. Can the fifth graders help free the Producers from the villain Malefique? Level P. Learn more >
Cómo ser amable (How to Be Nice)
Rosie, not known for her sweetness, gives niceness a try. Level N. Learn more >
Conrad al rescate (Conrad to the Rescue)
Conrad and his family are at the emergency shelter preparing for a hurricane when they realize they left important items at home. Despite the storm, Conrad and his best friend head out to retrieve the items and end up saving the day. Level V. Learn more >
¡Cuéntanos un cuento, Hans! (Tell Us a Tale, Hans!)
The life of Hans Christian Andersen, who became a famous author of fairy tales. Level R. Learn more >
Cuentos de terror que no te dejarán dormir (Spine-Chilling Tales That Will Creep You Out!)
A science project gone very wrong . . . a possessed answering machine . . . a camping trip to die for . . . and your worst-fear-come-true about what’s under the bed. Four chilling tales, not for bedtime reading! Level Q. Learn more >
Todo sobre las casas de árbol (All About Treehouses)
This report gives basic facts and useful tips to follow to plan, build, and care for a treehouse and guides readers to noteworthy examples of modern treehouses. Level Q. Learn more >
¿Debe existir la exploración espacial? (Should There Be Space Exploration?)
Fifth-grade students present the pros and cons of space exploration. Level S. Learn more >
Exploremos los habitats de agua salada (Exploring Salter Water Habitats)
Presents a tremendous variety of saltwater habitats and animal life. Level P. Learn more >
Malinali (Malinali)
A Mayan slave girl becomes a translator to win her freedom. Level R. Learn more >
¡Los mapas son fascinantes! (Maps are Cool)
Everything you need to know about maps. Level S. Learn more >
El misterio de la mansion de la montaña (Mountain Manor Mystery)
Ben is wrongly accused of theft while vacationing at the creepy Mountain Manor House. Level Q. Learn more >
Monedas y Cantavos (Cents and Non-Cents)
Explains the importance of budgeting one’s income and provides students with tips on how to plan their own budgets. The text also explains banking. Level T. Learn more >
Las montañas de los Estados Unidos (America's Mountains)
A comprehensive look at how mountains are created and the unique habitats of mountain dwellers. Level V. Learn more >
La Odisea: una obra teatral griega para estudiantes (The Odyssey: A Greek Play for Students)
The epic Greek poem by Homer, adapted as an age-appropriate play. Level R. Learn more >
Los Perros Sherlock (Sherlock Hounds)
The selection and training of search and rescue dogs. Level S. Learn more >
Primavera, verano, ontoño, invierno (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
This poem celebrates the beauty of the seasons through sensory imagery. Level R. Learn more >
¡Qué materia! (It Matters!)
Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by matter. But have you ever stopped to think about it? This book explains the properties of liquids, solids, and gases and provides a series of hands-on experiments to help us better understand each state. Level O. Learn more >
¡Rescate de la casa del árbol! (Tree House Rescue!)
Danny, Torie, and A.J. discover that their neighbor, the sweet, elderly widow Mrs. Hemmerle, will have her home foreclosed if she can't pay $8,000. Through a series of clues, the three friends track down Mrs. H's long-lost resources to pay the loan. Level V. Learn more >
El robo de las manzanaz de Idun (The Theft of Idun's Apples)
A Norse god saves himself from an evil giant by giving him the apples that keep the gods eternally young. This myth is told twice, in a traditional version and an updated one with a twist. Level Q. Learn more >
Sara: un sobreviviente (Sara Survivor)
Sara, her dog, and her stepfather, Jack, crash in Jack’s small plane. All survive, thanks to Sara’s courage and perseverance. Level T. Learn more >