Bookshop Literacy Program

Support You Can Count On for Teaching Rigorous
21st Century Standards...

Integrating rigorous 21st century learning standards into a year of instruction is no easy task. Bookshop does it for you, across all areas of your literacy block with a full year of clear, accessible support. You can count on Bookshop to support you and your students with powerful instruction that is built on the Common Core, and aligned to your state standards.

Whole Group Reading: Supporting deep, analytical thinkers while building thematic concept and subject-area knowledge

Small Group Reading: Meeting all students where they are as they practice standards from whole group in a small group setting.

Phonics: Teach phonics through sequential, fast-paced routines that develop foundational skills for proficient reading

Word Recognition/Study: Cover foundational and language standards for proficient reading and writing, teaching conventions of standard grammar usage and complete word analysis.

Writing: Developing analytical and strategic writers, communicating ideas clearly and purposefully.

Speaking & Listening and Language: Supporting language development throughout the literacy block with thoughtful meaningful conversations

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  • The comprehensive assessment battery generates formative data that enables teachers to establish diagnostic profiles and provide personalized instruction for all students.
  • Each Bookshop grade-level program is built on a scope & sequence that spirals instruction through a continual loop of new and reviewed comprehension strategies.
  • Bookshop offers multiple copies of precisely leveled texts across a broad range of levels and text types. This allows teachers to provide instruction at a student’s exact point of need, so students can take immediate ownership of their learning.
  • Teachers are supported by lesson plans that model focused teaching, with clear comprehension focuses and teacher language.
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Grade K Teacher Resources
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Bookshop Grade K
Whole Group Shared Reading
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Bookshop Grade K Small Group Reading • Reading Levels A–J
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Let's Talk About It! Oral Language Kit A (Grade K)
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