Bookshop Fonética

Systematic and Explicit Spanish Phonics Instruction Helps Pave the Way to Reading Success!
Bookshop Fonética is a research-based comprehensive program developed around the Spanish orthographic system that provides explicit, sequential phonics instruction. It can be used flexibly in any Skills Block configuration and includes whole group instruction as well as differentiated small group instruction. Fonética is fully integrated with Bookshop en español but can also stand alone as a comprehensive method of phonics instruction. Also available in English.

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  • Research-based scope and sequence built around the CCSS en Español and CaCCSS en Español
  • Provides students with foundational strategies to decode any word in Spanish
  • Explicit instruction of new skills and built-in cumulative review of taught skills
  • Students achieve word automaticity by reading sounds in one-syllable/short words and then reading words by syllables, with regular practice reading connected text.
  • Ongoing progress monitoring and assessment opportunities
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Guía del maestro (Teacher’s Guide) Grade K
160 lesson plans, Skills Block planners, assessment, independent activities, and blackline masters for school and home Learn more >
Cuadros del maestro (Teacher Chart) Grade K
Large easel format (22” X 28”) offers over 70 pages of phonics teaching aids, including full-color poster scenes for teaching phonological awareness, and practice charts with letters, words, sentences, and stories. Learn more >
Fonética Card Kit Grade K
Over 300 cards for phonics instruction, including easy-to-use routines, word cards, picture cards and letter cards, as well as independent activities Learn more >
Libro de práctica del alumno (Partner Practice Book) Grade K
Includes peer and individual skill practice pages, word cards, letter cards, picture cards, and perforated alphabet cards and boards. Program includes six copies. (Also sold separately in six-packs.) Learn more >
Bookshop Fonética Alphabet Boards
Grade K
Three boards (54” X 36”) are in uppercase, lowercase, and blank letter layouts. Children learn and practice the alphabet while placing letters on the boards and singing the alphabet song. Learn more >