Who's Doing the Work? Collections

Guided Reading Books Selected or Written
by Burkins & Yaris
Text selection is particularly critical in Guided Reading. Students are being asked to practice and apply what they have learned in Read Aloud and Shared Reading as they construct meaning at their individual instructional reading level.

For the Who's Doing the Work? Lesson Sets (Stenhouse, 2018), Burkins & Yaris have curated guided reading collections on a range of levels to match the engaging topics and instructional goals for each of the three lesson sets in every grade. These books were chosen or written by Jan and Kim using the following criteria:

Complexity: Gives students something to think about.

Accessibility: In Guided Reading, students are able to read and understand the text, and develop their power as problem-solvers.

Engagement: Texts fill students with energy, awe, and inspiration.

Representation of People: Children from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds can see themselves in the characters across the collection.

Relevance: The text fits with the other texts and instructional goals for each lesson set.

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Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 2 Guided Reading
Complete Collection
216 books: 6 copies each of 36 titles at Levels H–N Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 2 Guided Reading
Lesson Set 1 Collection
60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels H–N Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 2 Guided Reading
Lesson Set 2 Collection
60 Books-6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels H–N Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade 2 Guided Reading
Lesson Set 3 Collection
60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels H–N Learn more >
Everyday Beautiful
Chris has to find something beautiful to write about, but he only sees everyday, ordinary things. Level H Learn more >
The Hottest Week in Sun City
It is suddenly very, very hot in Sun City, and everything is different. Level H Learn more >
Jake Greenthumb
It seems that Jake Greenthumb can make almost any plant grow. He takes in his neighbors’ ailing plants until they nearly take over his room. Level H. Learn more >
Sea Creatures that Transform
Read about sea creatures that change in surprising ways! Level H Learn more >
Too Many Treats
Who has been giving Princess too many treats? In this book, join Molly as she searches for the culprit. Level H Learn more >
This nonfiction text helps students investigate the properties and life cycle of trees. Level H. Learn more >
Lenny and Tweek
Lenny posts a note, looking for a friend. Along comes Tweek, who fills in until Lenny’s friend arrives. Level I Learn more >
Nestor tries to obey his father’s safety rules when he goes fishing all by himself. But when disaster strikes, Nestor discovers that not all animals that live by the river are dangerous. Level I Learn more >
Seeds on the Move
Some seeds drift on the wind. Some float on water. Read about the different ways that seeds get around! Level I Learn more >
Something Else
Something Else tries to be like everyone else. But he only shows how different he is. Finally a friend shows up who is just like Something Else-only different! Level I. Learn more >
This illustrated poem describes wonderful things happening in nature. Level I. Learn more >
Survival Under the Sea
Sea animals must find a way to live and grow under the sea. Find out what they do to survive. Level I Learn more >
The Fox and the Crow: A Fable
In this fable, Crow is eating a delicious piece of cheese, and Fox wants it. But Crow will not share! Will Fox be able to get it from her? Level J Learn more >
When its owners leave, a greedy fish falls out of its bowl. Gasp! It’s a desperate search for water! Through humorous failed attempts and pages that count down instead of up, this hilarious fish doesn’t find water until the last possible page. Level J. Learn more >
I Don't Want To
It's summer, and Victor would rather play than read. Level J Learn more >
Kelp Forests
Find out what lives and grows in the underwater world of the kelp forest. Level J Learn more >
Mangrove Forests
In the mangrove forests, water rises, water falls, and life goes on. Level J Learn more >
The Straight Line Wonder
What happens when a straight line decides to jump in humps and twirl in whirls? This book is about daring to be different. Level J. Learn more >
A Bedtime Story
Polly and her friend, Bed Rabbit, are ready for bed, but first Polly needs to lure her parents away from their own reading. Level K. Learn more >
Grandpa at the Beach
Grandpa, Finley, Mom and Dad go on vacation to the beach. This short chapter book contains three episodes about Grandpa’s muddling beach adventure. Level K. Learn more >
Grandpa Comes to Stay
When Grandpa comes to stay, he doesn’t act quite the way everyone expects him to. Grandpa definitely has his own ideas! Level K. Learn more >
Lucy Takes a Holiday
Sometimes being a family dog is just too stressful. So early one morning, Lucy heads for the bus stop. However, after spending time away from home, she realizes she misses her family. Level K. Learn more >
Meet the Octopus
This nonfiction book is filled with interesting information about octopuses. Level K. Learn more >
Weird PlantsUnique Features of Survival
Some plants look like rocks. Some eat bugs! Read about how some weird plants have adapted, and why. Learn more >
Amazing Gardens
From bushes shaped like dogs to huge mazes made of plants... these gardens will amaze you! Level L Learn more >
Deep-Sea Creatures
Have you ever seen an animal that can turn inside out? How about one with a cookie-cutter shaped mouth? These creatures may seem made up, but they exist--deep at the bottom of the ocean. Level L Learn more >
A Fresh Start
Nellie and her family are on a ship sailing to a new life in America. But when a storm hits, the trip becomes a lot harder than they thought it would be. Level L Learn more >
Leo and Lester
When Leo and his friend Lester go to town together, Leo tries to help Lester by giving him lessons on how to behave and use his manners. Level L. Learn more >
The Royal Drum: An Ashanti Tale
All the animals work to make a drum for the King of the Jungle . . . except lazy Monkey. Anansi the spider makes certain that in the end, Monkey gets the job he deserves. Level L. Learn more >
Tuttle’s Shell
Vibrant, colorful illustrations support this story about animal characters tracking the thief who stole Tuttle the turtle’s shell. Level L. Learn more >
Ivy’s Journal
This story is a personal account of a girl’s vacation with her parents to the Yucatán. Each journal entry is filled with humor and insight as Ivy explores Mexican culture and history. Level N Learn more >
Rainbows of the Sea
Bright, colorful, and unique paper sculptures illustrate this rhyme about life in the sea, focusing on animals whose colors together make up a rainbow. Level N. Learn more >
Spirit of Hope
The Fairweather family loves their little house. They are devastated when they are told they have to move. How will they cope with this news? Level M. Learn more >
Sugar Cakes Cyril
Cyril lives on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, where there is much to do-from helping his neighbors make sugar cakes to picking out the best Christmas cactus. Level N. Learn more >
Wacky Plant Cycles
Scientific explanations, drawings, photographs, and sequential diagrams help students investigate the most common and unusual plant cycles. Level M. Learn more >
When Paul Bunyan Came to Middleburg Elementary School
Kevin and Skipper have a BIG secret. Paul Bunyan is camping out behind their school, recovering from a sprained ankle. Can the kids help Paul continue his travels before others find out? Level M. Learn more >