Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Lesson Set 2 Collection

(60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels A–E)

CYCLE 1 (Literature)
• Fixing Things (Level A)
• Who Can? (Level B)
• Birthday Cake for Dad (Level C)
• A Week with Aunt Bea (Level D)
• My Haircut (Level E)

CYCLE 2 (Literature)
• Monster Party (Level A)
• The New Puppy (Level B)
• Wake Up, Ginger! (Level C)
• Time to Play (Level D)
• The Shy Peacock (Level E)
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49316 Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading Lesson Set 2 Collection
60 books (6 copies of 10 titles) Collection
48883 Fixing Things Dad is fixing things around the house. What will he have to fix next? Student Book 6-pack
55785 Who Can? A young girl’s cat can do many things that she can’t do, but they can both run fast. Student Book 6-pack
40696 A Birthday Cake for Dad A mother and son are shopping for Dad’s birthday cake! The eggs go into the bag. Then the trouble starts… Student Book 6-pack
55777 A Week With Aunt Bea Aunt Bea visits her niece, and each day of the week is filled with activity. Student Book 6-pack
45304 My Haircut A boy gets a haircut from an inexperienced barber-his brother. Student Book 6-pack
44995 Monster Party A group of friendly monsters are having a party. Some of the arrivals are unexpected! Student Book 6-pack
48890 The New Puppy This new puppy knows what he likes! Student Book 6-pack
45681 Wake Up Ginger A mouse plays catch-me-if-you-can with a cat named Ginger. Student Book 6-pack
40955 Time to Play It’s time to play and Giraffe is sees everyone having fun. When will Giraffe join in? Student Book 6-pack
48906 The Shy Peacock A shy peacock faces his fears! Student Book 6-pack