Bookshop Reading Big Books

Big Books for Whole Group and
Small Group Instruction
Bookshop big books offer opportunities for building critical skills with shared reading experiences. Vibrant, motivational texts span a range of informational and literature text types and levels. All big books are accompanied by a lesson plan that includes teaching focuses that support the instruction of 21st century standards.

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  • Big books provide opportunities for teaching critical reading skills and strategies.
  • Vibrant, motivating fiction and nonfiction big books span a broad range of levels and text types.
  • Lesson plans provide clear comprehension focuses and modeled teacher language.
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At Work
People have different jobs. Different jobs require that people work in different places. Level B. Learn more >
Is This a Monster?
Learn about different animals by seeing first a photo of a part of an animal and then the entire animal. Level C. Learn more >
It Didn't Frighten Me
Night after night, a young boy sees strange creatures outside his window. None of them frighten him—except a big brown owl. Level D. Learn more >
Itch! Itch!
Children playing in the ivy patch get an itchy rash. Level C. Learn more >
Jewels: Children's Play Rhymes
Jewels includes 21 play rhymes from around the world. Level J. Learn more >
Little Bears
Little bears do many things that children do. This book shows a number of them. Level A. Learn more >
Make a Valentine
Follow easy directions to make a valentine. Level C. Learn more >
Oh No!
A little girl discovers holes in everything. Level E. Learn more >
Our Sun Is a Star
This book explains that the sun is a star that gives light and heat. Level A Learn more >
A Trip to the City
Two children explore a city with their grandparents-and watch as their grandfather does some unusual things. Level C. Learn more >
A Week With Aunt Bea
Aunt Bea visits her niece, and each day of the week is filled with activity. Level D. Learn more >
Who Lives in the Sea?
Sea life, including jellyfish, starfish, fish, octopus, seals, dolphins, and sharks, is shown in colorful photographs. Level B. Learn more >
Grade K Themed Text Collection Vol. 1
Learn more >
Grade K Themed Text Collection Vol. 2
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