Guided Reading Kit 1 Levels A-D

Levels A-D with comprehension strategy-based
non-Common Core Lesson Plans (CD or online)
The kit includes 96 Books-6 copies each of 16 titles (8 Informational titles and 8 Literature titles) at Levels A-D. Level A: Flowers (INF); I Can Push (LIT); Lunch at the Zoo (LIT); Our Sun is a Star (INF). Level B: Apple Picking (LIT); At Work (INF); Batter Up! (LIT); In the Woods (INF). Level C: A Trip to the City (LIT); I Love Bugs (INF); Run! Run! (LIT); What Comes First? (LIT). Level D: Community (INF); Exploring the Explorers (INF); It Didn't Frighten Me (LIT); Saturday Mornings (LIT). A comprehension strategy-based non-Common Core Lesson Plan (CD or online) is included for each title.
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Reading Level: A - D
Genre: Mixed
Theme: Mixed
Text Type: Mixed
Available in these formats:
Student Book 6-pack

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98200 Guided Reading Kit 1
(non-Common Core)
Each Guided Reading Classroom Library includes:
96 books (6 copies of 16 titles) and 16 Guided Reading with comprehension strategy-based (non-Common Core) lesson plans (CD or online)
44979 Flowers Eight different flowers are identified, first by color and then by name. Student Book 6-pack
44960 I Can Push A young boy easily pushes many things, such as a toy truck and a swing, until he tries to push his dog toward the garden hose for a bath. Student Book 6-pack
44952 Lunch at the Zoo All the zoo animals are eating lunch-and so is one of the visitors. Student Book 6-pack
95933 Our Sun Is a Star This book explains that the sun is a star that gives light and heat. Student Book 6-pack
45061 Apple Picking Getting to the apples on that tree is hard work! Here’s what it takes. Student Book 6-pack
4507X At Work People have different jobs. Different jobs require that people work in different places. Student Book 6-pack
45096 Batter Up! A boy tries and tries to get a hit in baseball…and finally succeeds. Student Book 6-pack
55815 In the Woods Colorful photographs show animals that live in the woods, including a snake, a rabbit, a skunk, a fox, an owl, a deer, and a bear. Student Book 6-pack
45185 A Trip to the City Two children explore a city with their grandparents-and watch as their grandfather does some unusual things. Student Book 6-pack
50686 I Love Bugs A young girl loves to watch bugs march, fly, buzz, crawl, glow and hop. Student Book 6-pack
50651 Run! Run! The three pigs, Red Riding Hood, and other favorite story characters are all off and running-but why? Student Book 6-pack
50716 What Comes First? Relationships in nature, such as the sun preceding the day, are presented. Student Book 6-pack
95896 Community A community is a place where people live, work, and help each other. Student Book 6-pack
95926 Exploring the Explorers Explorers travel around the world and beyond to discover and learn about people, places, and things. Student Book 6-pack
50953 It Didn't Frighten Me Night after night, a young boy sees strange creatures outside his window. None of them frighten him-except a big brown owl. Student Book 6-pack
50783 Saturday Mornings A young boy likes to help his family on Saturday mornings, but he particularly loves to help his grandma when she bakes cookies. Student Book 6-pack