Who's Doing the Work? Collections

Books Selected or Written by Burkins & Yaris to Support Their Who's Doing the Work? Lesson Sets

Text selection is particularly critical in guided reading. Students are being asked to practice and apply what they have learned as they construct meaning at their individual instructional reading level.

For the who's Doing the Work Lesson Sets (Stenhouse, 2018), Burkins & Yaris have curated guided reading texts on a range of levels to match the engaging topics and instructional goals for each of the three lesson in every grade. These books were chosen or written by Jan and Kim using the following criteria:

Complexity: Gives students something to think about.

Accessibility: In Guided Reading, students are able to read and understand the text, and develop their power as problem-solvers.

Engagement: Texts fill students with energy, awe, and inspiration.

Representation of People: Children from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds can see themselves in the characters across the collection.

Relevance: Text fit with the other texts and instructional goals for each lesson set.