Reading Safari Student Book Libraries

Fiction Books Linked to Safari Magazine Topics
Reading Safari Student Book Libraries offer additional fiction in engaging leveled books that link directly to the Safari Magazine themes. Quantities of six-packs in each library vary by level: Grade K (11), Grade 1 (18), Grade 2 (19), Grade 3 (19), Grade 4 (18), Grade 5 (18).
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  • Students will love the fast-paced, entertaining books.
  • The stories extend studentsí understanding of the magazine topics.
  • Instructional focuses and literacy activities for each book are included in the Teacher Notes that accompany the Reading Safari magazines.
  • The libraries are perfect for independent reading.
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The Half Marathon
Claudia has an accident that leaves her paralyzed. At first she is devasted, but with the encouragement of others, she finds that she can lead an active life again. (Level O/P) Learn more >
Max the Mouse and the Moon
Maxwell, a courageous mouse inventor, has to convince his fellow mice that the moon is not made of cheese. And the only way to do this is to go to the moon. (Level O/P) Learn more >
Welcome to the Outback
Patrick and Bessie leave their seaside home to visit their daughter, her husband, and their grandchildren in the outback of Australia. Along with putting up with the heat, they have an adventure they did not count on. Will the harsh outback environment cost them their lives? (Level O/P) Learn more >
Summer Sabotage
Alisha is one of the school's swimming stars. Over the summer vacation, Alisha plans to train hard in the school swimming pool. However, somebody keeps on sabotaging the pool so she cannot train. Along with her friends, she sets out to discover who the culprit is. (Level O/P) Learn more >
Sam, her brother, and her parents are on the trip of a lifetime, to the asteroid belt on government business. Her scientist parents are also alien chasers, and take the opportunity to look for extraterrestrial life in the solar system. (Level O/P) Learn more >
In the Green Room
Cheuki, a Sherpa girl, lives with her mother and father in the Himalayans Mountains. She has a dream about an adventure come true. (Level Q/R) Learn more >
Secrets of the Shipwreck
Thirteen-year-old twins Bob and Maria learn of a shipwreck that claimed the life of their great-grandfather. On a dive to explore the wreck, they have an accident that nearly claims more lives. (Level Q/R) Learn more >
Suzie Ridinghood
Suzie Ridinghood is brought up in a close-knit community. She trains to be a surveyor and finds that she is able to use those skills to help her community. (Level Q/R) Learn more >
Mysterious Bali
On vacation in Bali, Alicia, Samuel, and their friends investigate a mysterious couple. (Level Q/R) Learn more >
Up and Away
Emilio Juarez wants to win the National Ballooning Cup for the fifth straight year. Unfortunately, he has a superstition about the number five, and there are plenty of number fives on race day. It doesn't help that two of his competitors seem set on winning the race at any cost! (Level Q/R) Learn more >
Stories to Tell
Poachers are causing havoc in the savanna. Lloyd the lion comes up with a plan to distract the poachers so Carl the camel and Miranda the meerkat can get to the village and ring the poachers bell. However, everything does not go as smoothly as Lloyd hoped. (Level Q/R) Learn more >
Valley of Hope
Ramon belongs to family of archaeologists. They are searching for a legendary Valley of Hope. When they reach what they think is the valley, they find that others have followed them. Ramon then has an adventure that leads to an ending none of them would have predicted. (Level S/T) Learn more >
Kim Does It
Kim has lost part of one leg to cancer. She is having trouble coming to terms with her life. When her mother takes her to a friendís house in the mountains, her life slowly takes shape again. (Level S/T) Learn more >
Drier than a Bone
Changing weather patterns have a disastrous effect on a family that depends on farming for livelihood. (Level S/T) Learn more >
The Frozen Wasteland
Paul sets out to be the youngest person to fly over the South Pole. Almost immediately, he is confronted with extreme weather and airplane problems. Just surviving the trip becomes his main objective. Will Paul make it back to McMurdo Station Alive? (Level S/T) Learn more >
The Trip of a Lifetime
After years of waiting, Candi and Dani are finally allowed to go on a bike camping trip by themselves. They prepare thoroughly for the trip, but nothing can prepare them for the change in weather. Soon, they are fighting for their lives as weather takes its toll on their camping equipment. (Level S/T) Learn more >
Loni is helping her great-grandmother, Maria, move house. The job is bigger than she expected, as Maria has a lifetime of memories to move. Loni starts to throw out things she thinks are garbage, but the garbage turns out to hold precious memories for Maria. (Level S/T) Learn more >
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Qty Order Code Title Description Format Price
61511 Reading Safari Grade K Little Book Library 11 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
61559 Reading Safari Grade 1 Little Book Library 18 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
61597 Reading Safari Grade 2 Little Book Library 19 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
61634 Reading Safari Grade 3 Little Book Library 19 Student books (6 copies of each) Student Book 6-pack
6637X Grade 4 Student Book Library 18 Student books (6 copies of each) Classroom Library
66493 Grade 5 Student Book Library 18 Student books (6 copies of each) Classroom Library