Web-based Data Management, Daily Planning, and Reporting System
DataZone™ is an online data management system designed to support the day-to-day recording and application of formative data to enable true differentiation. Through a secure website that can be customized to meet district or school needs, DataZone™ can import a district’s current student data and link it to standards; form differentiated groups and manage small-group rotations; filter data and create graphical reports; and more. For RTI, DataZone™ enables three-tier progress monitoring, documents instructional encounters, provides a state standards gap analysis, and generates required reports.

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  • The DataZone system automates analysis of multiple measures and creates student profiles and personalized starting points for instruction, resulting in true differentiation.
  • DataZone™ increases teacher effectiveness by supporting evidence-based evaluations and data-driven instruction. It forms differentiated groups and manages daily small-group rotations. Teachers may use professional judgment to override automated placements.
  • Administrators have access to real-time formative assessment data for their schools. The data can be filtered for various demographics. The system creates a wide variety of user-friendly reports at the district, school, grade, class, and student levels.
  • Student assessment data can be aligned with the Bookshop K–5 core reading program, with Mondo Intervention and supplemental resources, or with explicit teaching focuses to support a district’s current instructional resources.
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Class Data Summary
Uses Mondo assessment data (pre, mid, and post) to identify required instructional intensity and identify students at risk. Learn more >
Small Group Planner
Analyzes formative data to populate small instructional groups and create a suggested 10-day rotation guide schedule for instruction. Learn more >
Daily Focus Sheet
Facilitates teacher planning and evaluation of instruction in whole class and small group configurations and assessment of student performance by automatically linking to the Bookshop scope & sequence for both whole and small groups on a daily basis. Learn more >
DataZone™ Reporting Dashboard
Provides a graphic overview of reading progress and ability distribution on individual, group, class, and/or school levels. Individual graphs are customizable for conferences and reports. Learn more >
DataZone™ School/District Comparison
Shows at a glance how students at various proficiency levels, based on specific assessment data from any school, as well as the schools themselves, compare with the district as a whole. Learn more >
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