Bookshop Phonics Intervention (Grades 2+) Card Kit

Over 300 Cards for Phonics Instruction
Includes routine cards, letter cards, key word cards, look and say word cards, and sound and say word cards.
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Letter cards provide practice in reading letters and words.
Look and say word cards show words with letter-sound patterns that are difficult to sound out using common pronunciations of sounds.
Pictures on key word cards are used as mnemonic devices for letter/sound associations.
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The Phonics Card Kit includes a wide variety of cards for practice with reading letters and words, learning difficult letter-sound patterns, and more.

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54097 Bookshop Phonics Program Intervention (Grades 2+) Phonics Teacher Chart (22" x 28"), Card Kit, Student Partner Practice Book (6 copies), Teacher Guide Various
55285 Bookshop Phonics Student Partner Practice Book Intervention (Grades 2+) Includes peer and individual skill practice pages, word cards, and letter cards. Six-pack. Student Book 6-pack