Bookshop Assessment CD-ROM Grades K-2

Manageable and Meaningful Assessments that Inform Instruction
Assessment materials provided on the CD-ROM include complete assessment masters, scoring sheets, reading records, and management tools, including benchmark texts in PDF format. The 8-part assessment battery includes oral language, benchmark text level/comprehension, optional oral reading fluency, print concepts, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence/phonics, and word knowledge.
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Benchmark texts and reading record forms help teachers determine a studentís instructional reading level.
Responses to comprehension questions demonstrate student understanding of what has been read, including the ability to think inferentially.
Student data captured on the Student Profile Sheet aids in grouping and drives instruction that meets individual needs.
Download a sample Student Profile Sheet here
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The Oral Language Assessment provides a quick way to determine what structures of oral English students understand and control.
Grade Level: K - 2
Available in these formats:
Read-along CD

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