Who's Doing the Work? Collections

Guided Reading Books Selected or Written
by Burkins & Yaris
Text selection is particularly critical in Guided Reading. Students are being asked to practice and apply what they have learned in Read Aloud and Shared Reading as they construct meaning at their individual instructional reading level.

For the Who's Doing the Work? Lesson Sets (Stenhouse, 2018), Burkins & Yaris have curated guided reading collections on a range of levels to match the engaging topics and instructional goals for each of the three lesson sets in every grade. These books were chosen or written by Jan and Kim using the following criteria:

Complexity: Gives students something to think about.

Accessibility: In Guided Reading, students are able to read and understand the text, and develop their power as problem-solvers.

Engagement: Texts fill students with energy, awe, and inspiration.

Representation of People: Children from different ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds can see themselves in the characters across the collection.

Relevance: The text fits with the other texts and instructional goals for each lesson set.

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Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Complete Collection
180 Books-6 copies each of 30 titles Levels AĖE Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Lesson Set 1 Collection
60 Books: 6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels AĖE Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Lesson Set 2 Collection
The kit includes 60 Books-6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels A-E Learn more >
Who's Doing the Work?
Grade K Guided Reading
Lesson Set 3 Collection
The kit includes 60 Books-6 copies each of 10 titles at Levels A-E Learn more >
Fixing Things
Dad fixed the sink. What will he need to fix next? Level A. Learn more >
Look At the Lizard
Take a very close look at a lizard! Level A. Learn more >
Missing Socks
Look closely! What happened to all the missing socks? Level A. Learn more >
Monster Party
A group of friendly monsters are having a party. Some of the arrivals are unexpected! Level A. Learn more >
On the Map
Find your way around the town. Level A Learn more >
Pip Is in the Bath
Pipís bath makes him nice and clean! But before long, he will be needing another one. Level A. Learn more >
A fire engine gets stuck in traffic on the way to a fire. Level B. Learn more >
The New Puppy
This new puppy knows just what he likes! Level B Learn more >
Sleeping Baby Animals
All baby animals sleep. They sleep in different places, such as trees and nests. Some even sleep in their motherís pouch! Level B Learn more >
Then and Now
How is life today different from life long ago? Level B Learn more >
There's a Mouse in the House
Thereís a mouse, a cat, a dog, a tiger, and an elephant in the house. Level B. Learn more >
Who Can?
A young girlís cat can do many things that she canít do, but they can both run fast. Level B. Learn more >
A Birthday Cake for Dad
A mother and son are shopping for Dadís birthday cake! The eggs go into the bag. Then the trouble startsÖ Level C Learn more >
How Many Legs?
Look closely to see how many legs each animal has. Level C Learn more >
A Trip to the City
Two children explore a city with their grandparents-and watch as their grandfather does some unusual things. Level C. Learn more >
Wake Up Ginger
A mouse plays catch-me-if-you-can with a cat named Ginger. Level C. Learn more >
What Comes First?
Relationships in nature, such as the sun preceding the day, are presented. Level C. Learn more >
Where Is Marco?
Marco likes to read books that take him on imaginary journeys to lots of different places. Level C. Learn more >
How Many Pets?
Students help count how many pets they have at school. Level D. Learn more >
Saturday Mornings
A young boy likes to help his family on Saturday mornings, but he particularly loves to help his grandma when she bakes cookies. Level D. Learn more >
Time to Play
Itís time to play and Giraffe is sees everyone having fun. When will Giraffe join in? Level D Learn more >
Tiny Creature, Big Builder
Some tiny creatures are big builders! Level D Learn more >
A Week With Aunt Bea
Aunt Bea visits her niece, and each day of the week is filled with activity. Level D. Learn more >
Who Made the Cake?
How many people work to make just one cake? Level D Learn more >
Days of Adventure
By using their imagination, two friends go on many adventures. Level E. Learn more >
Get Ready for the Weather
Join us as we get ready for different kinds of weather! Level E Learn more >
My Haircut
A boy gets a haircut from an inexperienced barber-his brother. Level E Learn more >
Oh No!
A little girl discovers holes in everything. Level E. Learn more >
The Shy Peacock
A shy peacock faces his fears! Level E Learn more >
Spots and Stripes
Some animals have spots and some animals have stripes. These markings protect the animals. Some markings help an animal hide. Other markings warn other animals to stay away. Level E Learn more >