mCLASS®: Reading 3D™ Mondo Edition Grades K–2

Access Mondo’s Renowned Bookshop Assessment on a Mobile Device
Assessments include Mondo’s Benchmark Text Level/Comprehension (Levels A–P), Print Concepts/Reading Behaviors, and Oral Language, and DIBELS® Initial Sound Fluency, Letter Naming Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency, Oral Reading Fluency, Retell Fluency (optional), and Word Use Fluency (optional). Wireless Generation’s optional Word Recognition assessment is also included. As students read from actual texts, teachers follow along on mobile devices such as Palms and tablets, clicking on the device to mark student errors. Real-time Web reporting and analysis enables informed instructional decisions for students, groups, and classes. To learn more, please visit or call (866) 212-8688.

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Example of benchmark text level/comprehension assessment
Detailed results summary available for every student
Track student progress over time. Green dots represent benchmark goals.
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Example of oral language assessment